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To ensure the best system setup, end users must first consider operating conditions, then conduct thorough cost-benefit calculations.

The addition of five new styles of rubber expansion joints (REJs) within the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) technical handbook has increased the opportunities for the selection and application of

Sweden's largest dairy cooperative employs digital dosing pumps for the plant's clean-in-place system.

The Jordan, Knauff & Company (JKC) Valve Stock Index was down 16.4 percent over the last twelve months, while the broader S&P 500 Index was up 9.5 percent.

Once nothing more than science fiction, the technology behind 3-D printing has greatly advanced in the last decade.

The viscous drag principle behind the technology minimizes contact between the pump and abrasive or corrosive materials.
Three trailer-mounted concrete pumps combined to form a single pump station that set the world record for vertical concrete pumping.
Oil, gas and petrochemical plants must protect bearings from contamination, moisture and overheating to keep production rates steady.
As the demand for larger dredgers rises, engineers turn to computational fluid dynamics for accurate tests before delivering site prototypes.
The facility replaced old grinder pumps with stainless steel shredder pumps, which have needed no maintenance in almost two years.



A reciprocating power pump, as depicted in Figure 1, is a displacement machine. It has characteristics that are different than a centrifugal pump.

For those of you old enough to remember Lawrence Welk, you’ll notice that the title of this brief column is the final quote from his show’s closing song. I am still a loyal fan of his reruns today.

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