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You have probably noticed that three-phase motors can have a varying number of leads exiting the junction box. The most common numbers are three, six, nine or twelve.

Pumps & Systems, July 2013

Pumps & Systems, July 2013

Typically, vibration measurements are taken with a handheld accelerometer probe in four places:

First of Three Parts

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (May 16, 2013) – Upstream Pumping Solutions Editor Lori Ditoro has been named one of the “Top 50 Oil and Gas People on Twitter” by Drillinginfo.

How important is the hardfacing requirement below the sleeve bearings in the 416 stainless steel (ss) shaft of a vertical turbine pump used to move condensate? Consider an example with a condensate pump that has carbon bearings.

My January 2013 Pumps & Systems’ column focused on the reduction in motor horsepower (HP) as frequency is reduced by a variable frequency drive (VFD).

Pumps & Systems, April 2013

Pumps & Systems, April 2013

Pumps & Systems, March 2013

Pumps & Systems, February 2013

Pumps & Systems, February 2013

Last year, a Pumps & Systems reader asked about matching variable frequency drives (VFDs) and motors.

This article will discuss a case of how measuring vibration can help detect cavitation issues. It will also show how this can relate to a bigger problem at the plant. Sometimes a proposed change of pump type is too drastic.

Memorization and learning are two different things. As I look back on my own education—formal and real life—most of the facts and figures that I memorized are long gone. Even today, routine details seem to slip in and out of memory based on how often I use them.

The 41st Turbomachinery and the 28th International Pump Users Symposia (Sept. 24 – 27) at the George R. Brown Convention Center were well attended and with the relaxed atmosphere, attendees, presenters and exhibitors had great opportunities to network and have great conversations.

Positive displacement (PD) pumps do not function well if the discharge is blocked. Unlike centrifugal pumps, they have little tolerance for flow restriction.


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