April 2013

Pump System Design Last of Two Parts
Bell & Gossett System Syzer and FLYGT iPumote
Sulzer Turbo Services Solutions
IE Guide
ePod Pump Selector Software for API 610 Pumps
Centrifugal Pump Spec
Pump Station/Pump Station Lite
SCADA Visualization
Hydraulic Institute Member Benefit Mobile Application
Horizontal Multistage Pumping System Provides Natural Gas Liquids Solution Applications include pumping water for injection and disposal and services such as offshore crude oil main pumps, onshore pipeline oil, amine and pipeline carbon dioxide.
Effects of Solids on Slurry Pumps, Corrosion & the Alignment of Flexible Couplings
Three Fictitious Forces & One Real Force
Injectable Sealants How can injectable sealants solve my sealing problems?
Proper Sealing Can Extend Mean Time Between Maintenance A lip seal can improve leakage and maintenance issues and lower energy use.
Pump Commissioning: Alignment, Field Balancing and Startup Technical expertise and precision can ensure proper operation and minimal maintenance. (Last of Two Parts)
Cyclone Abrasive Separators Improve Seal Life The fluid is cooled through this separation process to lower the temperature at the seal faces.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch
Molding & Resin Improve Wear Resistance A composite bulk molding compound prevents wear and downtime.
Renewable Power with Rotary Lobe Pumps This pump, used as a turbine, converts reduced pressure energy to electricity.
Protect Operators and Equipment with Arc-Preventive Motor Control Centers A strong safety program and preventive equipment are crucial for operator and equipment safety.
Precision Lubrication Enhances Pump Reliability Inexpensive devices are available for inspection, contamination control, lubricant application and oil sampling.
Improve Speed to Market for Oil & Gas Pumps Meet strict operator demands in the oilfield and the refinery.
Optimize Pump System Maintenance Budgets Learn which equipment to target, what information to collect and how to use it effectively.
Advanced Radio Technology Supports Multiple Oil & Gas Sites Wireless I/O connect the corporate office with field controllers, process measurements and control points.
Achieve High-Quality Pump Repairs A valuable oil refinery repair program provides continuous improvement and increases customer confidence.
FSA Strives for More Relevant Standards & End User Interaction
April 2013
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