Disc Pumps Become More Efficient When Pumping High-Viscocity Chemicals The viscous drag principle behind the technology minimizes contact between the pump and abrasive or corrosive materials.
Bearing Protection for VFD-Driven, Explosion-Proof Motors Improves Reliability In plants that process combustible materials, these motors avoid electrical damage often caused by energy-saving inverters.
Almatec History
Perswing P System
Stop Seal Failures in Chemical Applications Sealless pumps improve reliability and safety when pumping hazardous fluids.
Corrosion Prevention, Rotodynamic Pump Speed & How Harmonics Affect VFDs
Overcome Harsh Conditions by Combining Pump Types The 77 pumps at the Puralube Zeitz site leverage progressing cavity and centrifugal pumps to recycle used oil into more than 140,000 metric tons of base and mineral oil products.
Downstream Facilities Hold Key to Global Chemical Market
Binder Transfer in Paint and Coatings
Pump Appreciation Video Wins Award
BP Agrees to Add More Pollution Controls at Indiana Refinery and Pay Clean Air Act Penalty
Hitachi America, Ltd., Relocates to Larger Facility in Charlotte, N.C.
Fenton Challgren Promoted to President of IDEX Chemical, Food & Process
Magnetic Drive Pumps—a Critical Flow Control Solution This technology provides an accurate, leak-free flow.
Almatec Tour Begins
Core Markets
Software and Control System Improves Operations Specialized system automates a continuous process industry plant.
Instrument Reviews Measure Process Health
Chemical Market Update
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