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Palle Svangren
Succeeding in Today's Economy - Top Executives Examine the State of the Industry 2010
Focused on Emission Requirements, Energy Efficiency and Safety
Energy Efficiency Is a High Priority Among GCC Desalination Plants
Intelligent Monitoring Delivers Real-Time Pump Performance Data An energy efficiency and reliability study helped one plant save $1 million annually by avoiding downtime.
System Efficiency Lowers Lifetime Costs Unlock a pump’s full potential while saving energy and maintenance dollars.
Energy Savings with Variable Frequency Drives in Pump Applications
Greening the Water Industry: Challenges and Responses
Cooling Tower Motors Improve Reliability A VFD and a permanent magnet, direct-drive motor replace a gearbox, reduce maintenance costs and provide energy savings.
WEG Recommended for ISO 50.001:2011
Green Deal Drives Energy Efficiency Economy in U.K. and Abroad
President of Grundfos North America Speaks at Congressional Forum
Pumps & Systems Presents the Next Installment of Its Live Webinar Series
New Infrastructure Projects and Energy-efficiency Regulations Drive Demand for Advanced Industrial Pumps in Turkey
The Causes of Water Hammer (Part One)
Optimize Your Maintenance Budget Learn which equipment to target, what information to collect and how to use it effectively
Energy Savings with a Servo-Electric 
Pump Drive This drive optimizes hydraulic presses from a technical and energy efficiency perspective.
Pump System Efficiency Focus on efficiency drives savings in energy consumption.
Polymers in the Mining Industry Mining operations can meet the demands of increased environmental vigilance with polymer preparation systems.
Plant Upgrades Improve Efficiency at Midwest Refinery Equipment and technology improvements can be sound investments.
Centrifugal Pump Efficiency—When Is Efficiency Important?
Understanding Pump Fundamentals for an Energy Efficient World
Solution to Pump Challenge #3: Evaluating Efficiency
Pumps and Systems in Transcontinental Energy Transfer
Theory, Applications and Sizing of Air Valves
Meeting Increased Demand for Efficient Pump Designs
Simple Steps to Reduce Energy Costs
The Impact of Rewinding on Motor Efficiency
Assessing Pump System Performance
High Tech Tools for Greener Pumps and Pump Systems
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