February 2014

Finally Justifying Improvements
Prepare for DOE Pump Efficiency Regulations Pump manufacturers should prepare for the changes that the impending regulations will bring, including possible design improvements.
The Cost of Pumping—Power Cost & Efficiency
Impellers Influence Clogging & Efficiency In construction, mining and wastewater applications, pump choice is critical.
VFDs Eliminate the Need for PLCs and External Hardware Advanced VFD technology delivers cost and space savings by providing protective features and minimal programming.
A Cross Functional Team Can Improve Sealing How does this team enhance pump and valve seal performance?
Barge-Mounted Centrifugal Pumps Eliminate Vortex Issues & Minimize Seepage An aggregate production company saves more than $30,000 annually with new installation efficiency and productivity increases.
Diverse Pump Designs Provide Solutions for Mine Operations Smart planning and advanced technology can overcome the complex and energy-intensive challenge of removing water from mines.
What Makes Metal Magnetic, Hard, Soft, or Corrosion or Abrasion Resistant? Understand pump metallurgy
A Solution for Flux-fluid Systems Used in Pretreatment of Raw Steel Solid-body, plastic AODD pumps offer reliable corrosive-fluid handling.
VFDs Provide Process & Speed Control in Centrifuge Operations A dewatering facility brings a centrifuge up to speed slowly, meeting the long acceleration time requirement.
How a Canadian Copper Mine Increased Efficiency with Progressing Cavity Pumps Selecting this equipment for dewatering decreased maintenance requirements, 
saving more than $160,000.
How to Calculate the EHL Oil Film Parameter To optimize the lubrication of a bearing, proper oil viscosity selection is essential.
Selecting the Right Trash Pump Examine all aspects of the application to maximize your investment
HI Pump FAQS: February 2014 Single-Volute & Double-Volute Casings & Reverse Runaway Speed
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: February 2014
Large Diameter Impellers Make Trash Pumps More Versatile The introduction of these impellers allow for a higher range of discharge pressure.
February 2014
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