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Efficiency Monitoring Saves Plants Millions, Part 2
Efficiency Monitoring Saves Plants Millions
What Is the True Operating Flow Range for Centrifugal Pumps?
Handling Power Plant Transients Lev Nelik answers a reader's question on thermodynamic sub-processes that are highly time dependent
How Much Energy Do Pipes Remove?
3 Questions to Ask When Adjusting ANSI Impeller Clearance
Comparing Piping Sizes
Does Gauge Position Change Efficiency?
Simplify the Equipment Selection Process
Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids
Can Pump Design Upgrades Allow Lower Flow Operation Without NPSHR Recirculation?
Pump System Design Last of Two Parts
Suction Valve Throttle Versus Vacuum
Wastewater Treatment Industry: Present Challenges and Future Horizons
How to Size a Relief Valve
How Important Is Accounting for Velocity Head and Gauge Elevation? (Part 2 of 2)
How Important Is Accounting for Velocity Head and Gauge Elevation? (Part 1 of 2)
How to Use Casing Vibration to Assess Cavitation
Stable Versus Thermal Minimum Continuous Flow for Centrifugal Pumps There are many indications that end users should not use a valve for flow control—or at least not to extremes.
What Makes Metal Magnetic, Hard, Soft, or Corrosion or Abrasion Resistant? Understand pump metallurgy
Suction Swirl in Centrifugal Pumps
Summer Pump Quiz—Solutions Last of Two Parts
Reducing Thrust and Extending Bearing Life
Simplify Pump Design
Resonant Frequencies Last of Two Parts
Summer Pump Quiz—Cavitation
Resonant Frequencies From vertical pump rotors to bacteria, resonance has similar effects.
Thermal Stress Affects Pipe Forces on Pumps
Do Vibration Measurements Depend on Probe Placement and Probe Type?
Shaft & Bearing Material Selection
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