Efficiency Monitoring Saves Plants Millions
Cereal Processing Plant Upgrades Wastewater Lift Station The facility replaced old grinder pumps with stainless steel shredder pumps, which have needed no maintenance in almost two years.
Sealing Solutions for Progressive Cavity Pumps While this type of pump is ideal for high-viscosity liquids, it can present users with unique challenges.
Overcome Plant Component Challenges with a Systems Approach to Root Cause Failure Analysis Looking at the big picture, asking the right questions and incorporating teamwork can determine the cause of failures.
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Uses Software to Automate Dry Docks Control system upgrades increase safety and reliability.
Extend Pump Performance with Improved Maintenance Practices

Don’t miss this opportunity to increase uptime, decrease maintenance time and costs, and improve profitability.

Stop Seal Failures in Chemical Applications Sealless pumps improve reliability and safety when pumping hazardous fluids.
Protect Pumps with One Essential Tool Pump sensors can improve system operation and detect dangerous faults.
Solid-Body AODD Pumps Withstand & Contain Dangerous Chemicals This equipment avoids the risk of leaks and pipe damage associated with injection mold pumps.
Monitoring Software Enables Scheduled Maintenance at Oil & Gas Facilities Remote monitoring allows facilities to plan maintenance effectively before defects result in downtime.
DOC Engine Technology Provides Cost-Effective Tier 4 Compliance Pumping packages that use a diesel oxidation catalyst can minimize cost, maintenance and equipment downtime.
3 Things to Consider When Operating Intelligent Pump Systems IoT provides flexibility for plants and other facilities, but system types and security must remain top priority.
Controllers Manage Equipment Uncertainty Combined monitoring and control software options help provide flexibility and improve uptime.
Submersible Pumps Protect Canadian City from Dangerous & Costly Flooding The city of Richmond, Canada, selected customized technology to suit the area's unusual requirements.
Pump Technology Changes Communities Exclusive coverage from Zambia & Malawi
Monitoring Brings Reliability to Wastewater Collection System Remote terminal units help an Oregon utility monitor 40 major pump and lift stations.
Shredding Technology Minimizes Midstream Flow Challenges Grinders reduce debris that can cause downtime and pose safety risks.
Enhanced Seal Features Prompt Market Growth End users will consistently purchase these critical wear components.
Progressing Cavity Pumps Simplify Crude Transportation Customized equipment helped an energy company achieve greater operational efficiencies, lower maintenance and improved diluent injection control.
Smart Technology Detects Costly Leaks at Oil & Gas Facilities Remote monitoring software prevents damage and downtime related to sealing problems.
Vapor Recovery Units Reduce Oilfield Emissions Proper skid-assembly installation can guarantee reliable VRU performance.
Split Rotary Seals Save on Replacement Costs The double-lock, double-ring designs seal oil and other fluids more effectively than their single split counterparts.
5 Maintenance Factors that Help Achieve Optimum Efficiency Correct equipment selection and application saved an aluminum producer $36,000.
Mechanical Seal Design Protects Submersible Pumps from Abrasive Wastewater Customized seals made from superior materials can help prevent premature failure in heavy-duty applications.
4 Engineering Strategies That Can Save Millions Advanced test analysis tools, remanufacturing and training help end users solve problems.
Submersible Pumps Handle Corrosive Solids at Ethanol Testing Plant A caustic, high-temperature cleaning solution puts excessive demand on equipment.
Early Warnings Prevent Losses for Combined-Cycle Power Plant & Coal Plant A damaged condenser vacuum pump and high temperatures put operations at risk.
Establish an Effective Lubrication Program through Integrated Oil Analysis Inspecting equipment more frequently transforms maintenance programs from reactive to proactive.
The Basics of Spectral Resolution for Motor Vibration Analysis Revisiting the fundamentals of data examination, time and resolution can solve equipment issues before they happen.
Pushing Fluid Machinery Leads to Frequent Failures (Third of Four Parts)
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