Maintenance Minders

Monitoring Software Saves Reciprocating Compressors
Monitoring Software Enables Scheduled Maintenance at Oil & Gas Facilities Remote monitoring allows facilities to plan maintenance effectively before defects result in downtime.
Remote Monitoring Solutions Prevent Valve Failure at Combined-Cycle Power Plants Specialized software helps end users address problems before they happen.
Smart Technology Detects Costly Leaks at Oil & Gas Facilities Remote monitoring software prevents damage and downtime related to sealing problems.
Turbine Error Identification Prevents Costly Outages for Power Plants An advanced software solution saved one user $350,000 in lost power production revenue.
Early Warnings Prevent Losses for Combined-Cycle Power Plant & Coal Plant A damaged condenser vacuum pump and high temperatures put operations at risk.
Software Alerts Municipal Water Facility & Offshore Oil Platform of Costly Faults A monitoring solution detected system issues on industrial water and water injection pumps.
The Basics of Spectral Resolution for Motor Vibration Analysis Revisiting the fundamentals of data examination, time and resolution can solve equipment issues before they happen.
System Component Malfunctions Lead to Higher Pump Speeds with Stagnant Flow Rates Level sensor and pump liner flaws increase avoidable costs for mining facilities.
Recirculation Valve Underperforms & Lube Oil Tank Sensor Transmits Inaccurate Levels Real-time monitoring software and trained support staff provided early warning of critical equipment issues and prevented costly faults.
Invest in Operator Training to Create Plant Assets With the correct tools and knowledge, these employees can provide solutions for chronic field problems.
Smart Installation Practices for Submersible Pump Sets These recommendations will ensure consistent, high lifts.
How to Identify the Source of Vibration by Following the Amplitude
Partnerships for Optimized Machine Reliability A relationship with a service provider that will remotely monitor equipment can minimize downtime and equipment failure.
Solutions to Common Centrifugal 
Pump Problems The first step in troubleshooting involves examining the pump, the fluid and the system.
Simple Defect Elimination Preventing problems before they occur is the best way to avoid downtime and failures.
Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving Basic solutions that limit the involvement of a slowly dwindling staff are ideal
Detecting Pump Cavitation with a Vibration Sensor
The Importance of Pump System 
Health Checks Regular monitoring and maintenance are vital for continuous and proper pump performance.
Precision Lubrication Enhances Pump Reliability Inexpensive devices are available for inspection, contamination control, lubricant application and oil sampling.
Increasing Pump Reliability and Life (Part Two)
Increasing Pump Reliability and Life (Part One)
Pump Rebuild Tips Avoid common mistakes to get the longest life from a rebuilt pump.
Lubrication Maintenance Planning Optimize a plant’s rotating equipment.
Easy Shaft Alignment Thorough preparation and the right alignment method are critical.
Pump Reliability Establishing an effective pump reliability program can slash costs, make operations safer and provide uptime benefits.
Understanding the True Causes of Why Pumps Fail
Know the Health of Your Pumps
Fast Ways to Cost Effective PM
Removing Water and Particulate Contaminants from Oil
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