March 2013

Top 20 Apps for Pump Users
Xylect Mobile
Versa-Matic and Sandpiper Mobile Apps
seepex Pumps, SCT
Pump Energy Savings Calculator
TDH Pump Calculator
Laser Align
Grundfos GO Remote
Toolbox Technician
KoolApp: KoolCode, Refrigerant Slider, CoolGame, Fitters App, Compass
Flatness App for ALiSENSOR LEVEL
Power Generation on Demand The application, geography, regulations and proper size must be considered when choosing a generator set.
Pump Systems for Today’s Agricultural Irrigation Complex irrigation applications require customized and cutting-edge solutions.
Pump Specification, Purchase, Installation & Application First of Two Parts
Positive Displacement Pumps in Wastewater Treatment Select the right pumping technology to keep treatment processes running efficiently.
March 2013
Design Software Increases Hydraulic Efficiency Pump manufacturer streamlines the design and production process.
Pump Rebuild Tips Avoid common mistakes to get the longest life from a rebuilt pump.
Gaskets for Rigorous Applications What are grooved metal gaskets, and where are they applied?
Submersible Pump NPSH3, Trench-Type Wet Wells & Starting Torque Requirements
Prefabricated Treatment System Solves Water Quality Concerns With the simultaneous construction and site preparation, the quick turnaround required for the project was accomplished with cost-efficient results.
New Optimized Aeration System Reduces Energy Consumption A wastewater treatment plant experiences a 65 percent energy savings with the installation of improved equipment.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch
Powering the Pump: Diesel Versus Electric Motors Make the ideal motor selection for irrigation applications.
Branch-Line Pumping and Other Options Last of Two Parts
Will Impeller Velocity Triangles 
Keep You Awake at Night? Last of Two Parts
Powerful Mine Dewatering Electric and diesel centrifugal pump options
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