March 2014

Gain Insights by Analyzing Top-of-Motor Vibration (Part 1 of 2) Use a mathematical model that estimates vibration at the top bearing of a motor used on a vertical, wet-pit, column type pump.
Submersible Motor Design Allows for Safe Water & Wastewater Applications Operation The construction, seals and protective monitoring contribute to the motor’s ability to operate in and under water.
Diligence Is the Key to Safe Sealing Correctly selecting and installing the ideal component provides significant health, environmental and economic benefits.
A Financial Justification for Pump System Improvements
Successful Field Engineering Requires Structured Analysis Approach A software simulation tool and detailed engineering analysis procedure are needed for 
problem solving.
3-D Printing Industry Expects Growth While it is still a relatively new technology, the future of 3-D printing looks bright.
Aftermarket Engineered Solutions Reduce Downtime & Energy Consumption The cost of aftermarket pump upgrades are minimal compared to the cost of downtime and repairs.
Custom-Engineered Bearing Isolator Resolves Long-Time Leakage This equipment eliminated a SAG copper mill gearbox’s maintenance issues resulting from contact lip seals that had a short and unreliable service life.
The Impact of AC Motor Efficiency
Determining Slurry Pump Impact Wear Resistance Against Large Rocks A slurry pump hydraulic lab performs tests which can lead to improvements in pump design for reduced impact wear effects.
Stable Versus Thermal Minimum Continuous Flow for Centrifugal Pumps There are many indications that end users should not use a valve for flow control—or at least not to extremes.
How to Detect & Monitor Cracks in Pumps Vibration changes can indicate cracks in pump rotating components, which can cause severe malfunction and failure.
Prepare for DOE Pump Efficiency Regulations Pump manufacturers should prepare for the changes that the impending DOE pump efficiency regulations will bring, including possible design improvements.
California Districts Adopt a Direct Preventive Maintenance Approach Inspections can identify undetected issues to prevent sanitary sewer overflows and the fines that can accompany them.
Pump Castings Using 3-D Printing Manufacturers and end users should explore their options and see if they can benefit from this technology.
Bearing Minimum Loads, Stuffing Boxes for Rotodynamic Vertical Pumps & Rotary Pump Operating Temperature
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: March 2014
Dual Gas-Lubricated Seals Provide Solutions What are the advantages of these seals?
New Technology Solves Aftermarket Parts Problems Mapping and testing ensure proper fit and function of replacement parts.
March 2014
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