May 2013

Efficient AODD Pump Operation Eliminating dry running can save money and protect equipment.
Real-Time Operational Intelligence & 
Aging Water Infrastructure Leverage instrumentation, controls and software investment to optimize asset performance.
Gearbox Performance Gearbox problems can have catastrophic implications in the oil & gas industry.
Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Performance Ease of maintenance and operation make these pumps a good solution for many applications.
Pumps in Refineries Operations reductions offer pump manufacturers limited growth potential.
Magnetic Couplings, NPSH Margin & Reverse Runaway Speed
Sealing Large Swing Check Valves How can packing solve my difficult sealing problem?
The Importance of Pump System 
Health Checks Regular monitoring and maintenance are vital for continuous and proper pump performance.
Pump Design for Reduced Costs & Efficiency A 3-D inverse design method provides better cavitation control and reduces manufacturing costs.
The Importance of Quality Repairs Targeted repair and maintenance can lengthen pump life, decrease costs and increase efficiency.
Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Finds Home at Hobbiton Wastewater system helps tourists enjoy Lord of the Rings’ movie set.
Drives Enhance Energy Efficiency in Wastewater Aeration Variable frequency drives improve treatment plant’s blower operation.
Replacement Submersible Pumps Increase Lift Station Efficiency Equipment prevents potential raw sewage bypass from reaching a scenic Minnesota river.
Energy Savings with a Servo-Electric 
Pump Drive This drive optimizes hydraulic presses from a technical and energy efficiency perspective.
SCADA Monitoring Maximizes Pump System Performance The system tracks pump efficiency so repairs can be anticipated with timely, accurate and reliable information.
Shaft & Bearing Material Selection
Motor Horsepower & Torque Versus VFD Frequency
May 2013
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch, May 2013 Pump Market Analysis
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