Early Warnings Prevent Losses for Combined-Cycle Power Plant & Coal Plant A damaged condenser vacuum pump and high temperatures put operations at risk.
System Component Malfunctions Lead to Higher Pump Speeds with Stagnant Flow Rates Level sensor and pump liner flaws increase avoidable costs for mining facilities.
Optimized Cooling Tower Systems Boost the Bottom Line Power plant operators can save on energy and operational costs with intelligent monitoring.
Select the Right Starting Strategy for Large Motors Technologies such as low inrush motors, soft starters and VFDs can reduce spending and downtime.
Intelligent Monitoring Delivers Real-Time Pump Performance Data An energy efficiency and reliability study helped one plant save $1 million annually by avoiding downtime.
Cloud-Based Monitoring & Control Is an Alternative for Irrigation Systems With fewer technical requirements, they provide lower-cost options for underserved industries.
Submersible Motor Design Allows for Safe Water & Wastewater Applications Operation The construction, seals and protective monitoring contribute to the motor’s ability to operate in and under water.
How to Detect & Monitor Cracks in Pumps Vibration changes can indicate cracks in pump rotating components, which can cause severe malfunction and failure.
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