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Solar-Paneled Drives Power Water Pumps for Rural Farmers The photovoltaic and tracking systems reduce energy expenses over diesel pumps.
Is a VFD a Cost-Effective Option for Your Application? To ensure the best system setup, end users must first consider operating conditions, then conduct thorough cost-benefit calculations.
Motor Automation Can Help Solve Industry Labor Shortage Process control software reduces costs while increasing process accuracy and protection.
How to Prevent the 2 Most Frequent Causes of Motor Failure Protecting these two components can lead to longer equipment life.
The Basics of Lead-Lag Configurations Bladder pressure tanks and irrigation systems are prime examples of how lead-lag systems, complete with motor controls, can meet high demand and reduce equipment wear.
Prepare for the New DOE Electric Motor Efficiency Rule The Integral Horsepower Motor Rule will take effect June 1, 2016.
Integrated Drive Systems Engineering Can Cut Costs in Half Motor systems that are designed as entire packages are more reliable and affordable.
Standardized Medium-Voltage Induction Motor Tests Ensure Quality Manufacturers and operators produce, purchase and use better motors with regulated testing.
Motor Nameplate Letter Code Designations Learn how to avoid misinterpretations.
Vertical Motors Help Solve Pumping Problems
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