October 2013

Deep Tunnel Super Pumps - Pushed to the Edge Innovative design, engineering and high-performance testing highlight the KSB pumping system to be installed 85 meters beneath the River Thames.
Evolution of the World’s Most Famous Sewer An exclusive, private tour of the poste Mazas pumping station in the Sewers of Paris reveals powerful Flygt pumps in action, protecting the City of Light from waste and stormwater overflow.
Fugitive Emission Compliance Requirements for Valves Minimizing the potential for leaks by applying proper design and material-selection standards is the first step in emission prevention.
Pump & Control Valve Optimization Improving inefficiencies provides opportunities for energy savings.
Modern, Large Centrifugal Pumps Provide Reliability Considering the pump and complete system can decrease unplanned downtime.
AODD Pumps & Mining Safety These pumps meet this industry’s harsh challenges and help minimize the risks to personnel and the environment.
Resonant Frequencies Last of Two Parts
Wireless Technology for Remote Monitoring With increasing copper cable costs and the strengthened reliability of wireless communication, this technology’s use is on the rise.
Temporary Pump Selection for Wastewater Handling Projects During emergencies, maintenance and expansions, interim pumping solutions may be required.
Grinder Pumps for Basement Flood Prevention A new best practice is available for basement flooding that results from surcharged sanitary or combined sewers during wet-weather events.
Submersible Wastewater Pump Association Focuses on Innovative Training Options
Valve Selection for Lime Slurry Service Pinch valves are ideal in applications involving scale and buildup.
Magnetic Drive Pumps—a Critical Flow Control Solution This technology provides an accurate, leak-free flow.
Why Root Cause Analysis Fails at Problem Elimination Carefully following a proven process, team knowledge and management support are 
critical for success.
Buffer & Barrier Fluids What are the differences between using water or oil as a buffer or barrier fluid?
Outside- Versus Inside-Mounted Seals, Pump Input Power & Rotodynamic Pump Motor Cooling
Tier 4 Diesel Engine Emissions Considerations to help off-highway equipment manufacturers meet EPA regulations
October 2013
Wireless SCADA Technology Supports Utility During Winter Storm Managed cellular system helps California water utility achieve zero downtime.
Efficient Operation with Diamond-Faced Mechanical Seals Inadequate lubrication and dirt do not prevent multiphase pumps from operating efficiently when using diamond-faced mechanical seals.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch
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