Vertical Pumps

Gain Insights by Analyzing Top-of-Motor Vibration (Part 1 of 2) Use a mathematical model that estimates vibration at the top bearing of a motor used on a vertical, wet-pit, column type pump.
Gain Insights by Analyzing Top-of-Motor Vibration (Part 2 of 2) Guidelines for reduced vibration and information on how a pump’s foundation and operating speed affect the vibration response
Save Money with Thermoplastic Composite Bearings in Vertical Water Pumps A northeast Germany refinery increased its MTBF by upgrading eight pumps.
Hydraulic Institute Seeks Reviewers New standard for review applies to rotodynamic vertical pumps.
Bearing Minimum Loads, Stuffing Boxes for Rotodynamic Vertical Pumps & Rotary Pump Operating Temperature
Mitigate Electrical Bearing Damage in Vertical Pump Motors A shaft grounding ring and ceramic insulation can improve motor bearing life when VFDs are used.
HI Pump FAQs: NPIPA & NPIPR, Vertical Pumps with Hollow-Shaft Drives & Vibration Monitoring
Adverse Effects of Mechanical Processes, Pump Suction Recirculation & NPSH Requirements for Vertical Pumps
Innovative Motor & Gearing Technologies for High-Capacity, Low-Head Pumps Reduce high vibration and increase reliability with CST gear motor technology in power generation applications.
Do Vibration Measurements Depend on Probe Placement and Probe Type?
Online Monitoring Assures Reliability, Saves Money
Hydraulic Institute Pump FAQs November 2006
Structural Resonance Problems on Vertical Pumps
Are Your Vertical Pumps Throwing Money Down The Drain?
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