Self-Cleaning Impellers Decrease Clog Risk from Modern Wastewater Traditional throughlet measurements are an inefficient, outdated benchmark for measuring clog resistance.
Combined Hydraulic Systems Minimize Mixing Costs in Biogas Plants Flow accelerators and hybrid mixers provide effective performance while consuming less energy to generate turbulence.
Flow Simulation Reduces Wear from Abrasive Dredging Fluid As the demand for larger dredgers rises, engineers turn to computational fluid dynamics for accurate tests before delivering site prototypes.
Cereal Processing Plant Upgrades Wastewater Lift Station The facility replaced old grinder pumps with stainless steel shredder pumps, which have needed no maintenance in almost two years.
U.S. Wastewater Market to Reach $11 Billion by 2025
America's Aging Infrastructure
Diamond Bearings Withstand Abrasive Fluids & Environments These components do not have to be sealed from harsh operating media.
Monitoring Brings Reliability to Wastewater Collection System Remote terminal units help an Oregon utility monitor 40 major pump and lift stations.
Shredding Technology Minimizes Midstream Flow Challenges Grinders reduce debris that can cause downtime and pose safety risks.
Submersible Sewage Pump Selection Involves Multiple Factors Solids content, water quality and flow requirements affect sewage pump design.
Grinder Pumps Deliver Value at Porto Cairo Mall A total of 68 grinder pumps (three different models) was selected for Egypt’s biggest commercial project.
Water System Reclaims Municipal & Industrial Wastewater
Mechanical Seal Design Protects Submersible Pumps from Abrasive Wastewater Customized seals made from superior materials can help prevent premature failure in heavy-duty applications.
100 Resilient Cities & MWH Global Partner to Improve Water/Wastewater Systems
Non-Newtonian Fluids Require Specialized Planning for Variable Viscosities The changing properties of wastewater and other fluids can cause unexpected pump performance.
Advanced Biomass Reactors Treat Wastewater in South Iraq The specially designed carrier media and continuous cycling produce minimal sludge and odor.
Water Reuse Saves Food Processing Facility 
$300,000 Annually The adoption of a holistic approach to treating and recycling wastewater maximizes energy efficiency and sustainability.
Utilities Expand Personnel Capabilities with Managed SCADA Systems As the water and wastewater industry faces a shrinking labor source, remote monitoring can fill the experience gap.
Protect Desalination Plants from Harmful Algal Blooms Dissolved air flotation pretreatment ensures the quantity and quality of freshwater production during red tides.
5 Cost-Saving Advantages of Pressure Sewer Systems Materials, installation and maintenance needs improve compared with more traditional gravity sewer systems.
Intelligent Pump Monitoring Upgrades Small-Town Utilities The village of Kalkaska, Michigan, successfully installed a wastewater solution with limited IT support.
Peristaltic Pumps Handle Abrasive Chemicals in Water & Wastewater Treatment Integral design features, such as the heavy-duty hose, reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency in dosing applications.
Aeration Systems Remove Excess Nutrients from Municipal Water Supplies A Kansas treatment plant expanded operations to meet federal requirements for effluent nitrogen and phosphorus levels.
System Selection Crucial for Long Wastewater Pump Life Driving down investment, energy and maintenance costs translates into big savings throughout an installation’s lifetime.
The Differences Between Submersible & Immersible Motors How do end users choose, and what are each type’s ideal applications?
Submersible Pumps Meet High Environmental Standards in Winemaking Applications The triplex lift station arrangement provides a solution for grape wastewater processing.
Odor and Corrosion Control in Wastewater Collection Systems Testing the treatment method was crucial.
Odor and Corrosion Control in Wastewater Collection Systems The ozone/oxygen treatment system is more effective than traditional methods.
Test Submersible Wastewater Pumps & Motors Frequently to Accommodate for Changing Conditions Last of two parts
Test Submersible Wastewater Pumps & Motors Frequently to Accommodate for Changing Conditions First of Two Parts
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