water treatment

How Solar Power Can Help Solve Water Scarcity Renewable energy is the future for relieving countries of the high energy costs of desalination facilities, as seen at Al Khafji, the world's largest solar-powered desalination plant.
Unlock the Potential of Wastewater Reuse in Arid Regions Different levels of treatment can produce high-quality effluent ideal for industries from agriculture to oil and gas.
Intelligent Water Capabilities Improve San Francisco’s Aging Infrastructure Fully integrated systems are critical for utilities when upgrading equipment and instrumentation.
Cutting-Edge Wastewater Treatment
Xylem Develops Customized Water Treatment Solution for Australian Town Xylem Inc. has won a contract to develop a customized water treatment system for the town of Taralga.
Optimized Performance in Industrial Wastewater Treatment A seamless, three-stage process can improve efficiency.
Variable Acceleration Pumping of Sludge or Solids
Odor and Corrosion Control in Wastewater Collection Systems
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