Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pump Saves Sand Mine More than $1.5 Million The mechanical seal system, among other features, reduced downtime at the Wisconsin plant.
Rethinking NPSH Understanding this complex topic can help end users avoid common pitfalls.
How to Optimize Centrifugal Pump Operation, Part 2
How to Optimize Centrifugal Pump Operation
Pressure Instrumentation Critical for Troubleshooting Pressure gauges are inexpensive components that can predict the causes of poor reliability in centrifugal pumps and prevent costly repairs and downtime.
What Is the True Operating Flow Range for Centrifugal Pumps?
Pushing Fluid Machinery Leads to Frequent Failures (First of Four Parts)
Advanced Pump Technology Lowers Energy Consumption at the Crowne Plaza The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers helps set new standards for sustainability, while the Grundfos Dormitory project is a living laboratory for circulator pump research.
Stop Seal Failures in Chemical Applications Sealless pumps improve reliability and safety when pumping hazardous fluids.
Overcome Harsh Conditions by Combining Pump Types The 77 pumps at the Puralube Zeitz site leverage progressing cavity and centrifugal pumps to recycle used oil into more than 140,000 metric tons of base and mineral oil products.
Impeller Design Prevents Vapor Lock Specialized centrifugal pumps handle liquids with up to 70 percent gases.
Cat Pumps
Cacheng Machinery & Electric Co.
Blackmer®, part of Pump Solutions Group (PSG®)
Advanced Engineered Pump, Inc.
Storage Terminal Operators Choose Sliding Vane Pumps to Enhance Energy Efficiency
Peristaltic Pumps in the Food and Beverage Industry
Centrifugal Pump Efficiency—Specific Speed
Best Efficiency Point and Best Operation Point
Gain Efficiency with Volute Design Simplify the design and analysis of this complex component.
Downstream Facilities Hold Key to Global Chemical Market
Sealless Pumps Save Lifetime Costs by Reducing Failures Magnetic couplings improve reliability and safety when pumping hazardous fluids.
Pushing Fluid Machinery Leads to Frequent Failures (Third of Four Parts)
Smart Pump Technology Synchronizes Pump Systems & Optimizes Performance VFDs and sensorless technologies are often the best solution for controlling and protecting a centrifugal pump system against failure.
Pushing Fluid Machinery Leads to Frequent Failures (Second of Four Parts) This four-part series explains the reasons behind repeat pump failures and uses a real-world field example involving boiler feedwater pumps.
Dewatering Pumps Handle Sand Slurries in Post-Hurricane Recovery Reconstruction and infrastructure upgrades require pumps made from durable materials.
Understand Nonclog Pumps & Configure Pressure-Measuring Instruments
Pumping & Filtration Advancements Diversify Ice-Making Industry Customers’ focus on efficiency and new techniques drives better ice quality in water and beverage markets.
Smart Installation Practices for Submersible Pump Sets These recommendations will ensure consistent, high lifts.
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