Gasket Thickness Tolerance Knowledge Can Prevent Pump Leaks Users must understand the characteristics of their equipment—including seating surface, gasket load curves and manufacturing methods—to reduce the risk of leaks.
Design Improvement Reduces Gasket Crush A compressible design and stop-step feature enhance strength and minimize leakage.
Consult the Manufacturer for Gasket Torque Values as Starting Place to Diminish Leaks
Why Flexible Graphite's Consistent Quality Is Ideal for Seals, Packings & Gaskets
Prevent Blowout of Bolted Flange Joint Connections Last of a Two-Part Series
Prevent Blowout of Bolted Flange Joint Connections First of a Two-Part Series
Diligence Is the Key to Safe Sealing Correctly selecting and installing the ideal component provides significant health, environmental and economic benefits.
Using a Torque Wrench to Apply Stress to a Gasket Do I really need to use a torque wrench?
Manage & Understand Flange Face Damage What should I do about flange face damage: accept, repair or replace?
FSA Sealing Sense December 2011
FSA Sealing Sense February 2012
Why Do I Need to Complete an Application Questionnaire?
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