How Much Do Electric Motors Really Cost?
Protect Operators and Equipment with Arc-Preventive Motor Control Centers A strong safety program and preventive equipment are crucial for operator and equipment safety.
Powering the Pump: Diesel Versus Electric Motors Make the ideal motor selection for irrigation applications.
Stainless Steel Motors In the food industry, stainless steel performs more productively and efficiently.
Plant Upgrades Improve Efficiency at Midwest Refinery Equipment and technology improvements can be sound investments.
Vertical Motors Help Solve Pumping Problems
Drives to Reduce Harmonics
Alignment Tolerances
Resonance and Its Effects on Mechanical Structures
Retrolifting Lift Stations with Submersible Motors
Calculating Energy Savings and Payback
Pump Noise and Vibration Attentuation
Explosion Proof Couplings
Disc Couplings 101
AC Motors Part Two-Three Phase Operation
The End of Percussion Maintenance
Unbalanced Voltages and Electric Motors
Relationship of Torque and Shaft Size
Transient Startup Problems for Pumps with Synchronous Motors
AC Motors Part 3-Single Phase Operation
Protective Relaying for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants (Part One)
Simple Steps to Reduce Energy Costs
AC Motor Torque
Product Innovation of the Year 2009 3rd Place: Baldor's RPMAC PM Direct Drive Cooling Tower Motor and VS1CTD Drive
Motors and Drives Industry Poised for Economic Recovery
Protective Relaying for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants (Part One)
The Impact of Rewinding on Motor Efficiency
Extending Motor Bearing Life
Unbalanced Voltages and Electric Motors
Electrical, Insulation and Thermal Measurements for Motors and Drives
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