Harsh Liquids Require Careful Material Selection Metallics and plastics offer advantages for different applications.
New Detection Technology Reduces Leak Risk Block and bleed isolation capabilities improve safety and profits.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: March 2015
National Oil Companies Move Forward with Oil & Gas Investments
Refinery Revamps 1947 Vintage Pumps An Indiana refinery used reverse engineering to solve multiple challenges with one custom pump.
How to Protect Plants from Invisible Threats A solid cyber defense strategy can protect plant assets—even field devices and pumps—from dangerous and costly security breaches.
How an Oversized Pump Can Harm the Motor & Increase Operational Costs
Submersible Pumps Handle Corrosive Solids at Ethanol Testing Plant A caustic, high-temperature cleaning solution puts excessive demand on equipment.
Early Warnings Prevent Losses for Combined-Cycle Power Plant & Coal Plant A damaged condenser vacuum pump and high temperatures put operations at risk.
Discover the Untapped Potential of the Internet of Things The value-added services that IoT technology provides could transform the pump industry.
New 3-D Casting Methods Produce Spare Parts Faster Additive manufacturing also improves geometric tolerances.
State of the Industry 2015 Industry Leaders Provide Expert Insight on Key Topics & Trends
Pump Services: An Increasing Revenue Stream in the Industry The economic recession and a decline of skilled workforce drives the pump servicing industry.
Resonant Frequency and Critical Speed
Wellpoint Systems Adapt to Most Site Dewatering Needs This technique can accommodate different soil conditions and project schedules.
The Total System Starts with the Pump
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch, February 2015
Careful Design Ensures Mobility & Performance for Water Reclaim System At a Southwest mine, parallel pumping systems can be moved individually as water levels rise.
How to Determine Minimum Submergence & Understanding Parallel & Series Pump Operation
Temporary Pumps Ensure Flood Protection During High-Tech Retrofit The installations manage heavy rainfalls in the Dutch countryside with a capacity of more than 100 cubic meters per minute.
Internet-Based Monitoring Is a Low-Cost Alternative to Traditional Technology The Internet of Things reduces risk and increases productivity in industrial processes.
AODD Pumps Can Provide Flexibility for Multiple Mining Operations This technology can tackle basic dewatering applications and precise electrowinning processes.
Variable Speed Does Not Always Mean Variable Frequency Eddy current drives offer a cost-effective alternative to VFDs.
How Efficient Is Your Pump?
Non-Newtonian Fluids Require Specialized Planning for Variable Viscosities The changing properties of wastewater and other fluids can cause unexpected pump performance.
Slurry Pumps Master Rare Mineral Processing Rugged equipment reliably serves in a Texas in-situ recovery mine.
How Safe Drinking Water Standards Affect Pump Users Manufacturers and end users must certify the entire pump system to ensure compliance with a 2011 amendment to The Safe Drinking Water Act.
3 Lessons Cheap Oil Has Taught the Pump Market
Advanced Biomass Reactors Treat Wastewater in South Iraq The specially designed carrier media and continuous cycling produce minimal sludge and odor.
New Middle East Refineries Explore API Standards for Power Plant Pumps Safety concerns have prompted dialogues between plant operators and manufacturers on customized, certified pumps.
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