Choose the Right Lubricant for Harsh Conditions
How to Commission a Lift Station: Follow-Up Q&A Remote Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Safety & Start-Up - Last Session in a Four-Part Free Webinar Series
Water Reuse Saves Food Processing Facility 
$300,000 Annually The adoption of a holistic approach to treating and recycling wastewater maximizes energy efficiency and sustainability.
Positive Displacement Sine Pumps Operate with Low Shear & Low Pulsation Four food processing facilities increase plant efficiencies with this alternative to traditional solids-handling pumps.
The Effects of Gas & Liquid Mixtures on Rotodynamic Pumps & Water Hammer Basics
Price vs. Cost A business model based on OEM and supplier knowledge sharing is essential to the long-term success of any manufacturer.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch
Assessing a System with Multiple Loads
How to Calculate Pump Specific Speed
Foreign Exchange & Eurozone Problems Present Challenges for American Pump Manufacturers European financial issues will have global effects.
Split Vanes Reduce Recirculation in Slurry Pumps (Last of Two Parts) Impellers with this design help pumps achieve the ideal head, reduce wear and improve efficiency.
Utilities Expand Personnel Capabilities with Managed SCADA Systems As the water and wastewater industry faces a shrinking labor source, remote monitoring can fill the experience gap.
Establish an Effective Lubrication Program through Integrated Oil Analysis Inspecting equipment more frequently transforms maintenance programs from reactive to proactive.
Ceramic Matrix Composite Bearings Protect Pumps from Harsh Running Conditions This material stands up to pump upsets such as cavitation and dry running.
Metering Pumps Power New Fields in the Arabian Gulf National oil companies seek efficient, adaptive technology that excels in deep-water drilling.
Protect Desalination Plants from Harmful Algal Blooms Dissolved air flotation pretreatment ensures the quantity and quality of freshwater production during red tides.
Pumps Outsmart Nature to Create Fresh Snow in the Desert Tourists enjoy 30 tons of fresh snow daily at Ski Dubai, thanks to 24 end-suction pumps and a sophisticated cooling system.
Save on Clean Emissions Costs with the Right Valve Coal-burning power plants can expect higher returns by installing pinch valves in emissions scrubbers.
Eccentric Disc Pumps Recover Raw and Finished Materials in the MENA Food Market The technology effectively strips remaining fluid from suction and discharge lines during production.
AODD Pumps Safely Handle Specialty Chemicals Sichem turned to air-operated double-diaphragm pumping technology to carefully and efficiently produce chemicals for the oil industry.
Identify Accuracy Challenges in String Tests
Savings from Urethane Stators Inspire Environmental Restoration Longer pump life at a Canadian wastewater treatment plant leads to a broader water quality project.
Tips for Efficient Pump System Design Determining the right size and number of grinder pumps before installation ensures consistent performance.
Evaluating Farm Slurry Extends Life & Performance Considering what livestock will eat helps highly reliable slurry pumps remain in the pit longer.
5 Cost-Saving Advantages of Pressure Sewer Systems Materials, installation and maintenance needs improve compared with more traditional gravity sewer systems.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: September 2014
Pre-Screening Unlocks Savings Potential in Large Pump Systems
Intelligent Pump Monitoring Upgrades Small-Town Utilities The village of Kalkaska, Michigan, successfully installed a wastewater solution with limited IT support.
Symptoms of Inefficient Pumping, Acceleration Head’s Effect on Pump Performance & Inlet Piping Requirements
Regenerative Turbine Pumps & Hydraulic Resonance Solutions
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