Cloud-Computing Software Saves Time & Money for Pump Manufacturers SaaS platforms break down IT infrastructure barriers for designers and engineers.
Developing Countries Invest in Irrigation Pumps for Higher Crop Yields Solar pumps and integrated systems are among the technologies driving global agricultural growth.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: December 2014
Chemical Company Relies on AODD Pumps for Consistent Performance A German pharmaceutical facility upgraded its pumps to efficiently handle solvents.
6 Steps to Creating an Effective Energy Plan Improved data management reduces costly utility consumption and defines benchmarks for real manufacturing growth.
Completing the No-Control System Assessment (Last of Two Parts)
3 Questions to Ask When Adjusting ANSI Impeller Clearance
Solar Pumps Save Vineyard 75 Percent on Installation Costs Eliminating electrical wiring reduced expenses and increased irrigation efficiency for a North Carolina business.
Good Wishes, Good Health & Good Night
Dry-Priming Pump System Improves Agricultural Water Transfer Equipment upgrades help an eastern Colorado farmer extend water rights.
Split Vanes Reduce Recirculation in Slurry Pumps (First of Two Parts) Impellers with this design help pumps achieve the ideal head, reduce wear and improve efficiency.
End Users Explore API Standards in the Power Generation Industry Safety concerns prompt dialogue about customized, certified pumps.
New Technologies & Emphasis on Efficiency Will Advance the Power Generation Market Maintenance services add value for renewable energy sources.
Optimized Cooling Tower Systems Boost the Bottom Line Power plant operators can save on energy and operational costs with intelligent monitoring.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: November 2014
Completing the No-Control System Assessment (First of Two Parts)
Online Analysis Improves Profitability & Protects Mechanical Assets Automated monitoring improves diagnostics and allows specialists to focus on high-value tasks.
A Different Approach to Understanding Power Factor (Last of Three Parts)
Invest in Operator Training to Create Plant Assets With the correct tools and knowledge, these employees can provide solutions for chronic field problems.
Pushing Fluid Machinery Leads to Frequent Failures (Last of Four Parts)
Solar-Powered Pumps Increase Oilfield Profitability New chemical injection pumps provide enhanced solutions to optimize North American unconventional and oil sands production.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: October 2014
Viscosity’s Effects, Reducing Extraneous Noise & Monitoring Consumed Power
How to Protect Pumps from Costly Rotor Vibrations
Fluid Pulse Technology Enhances Oil Production First well stimulation project introduces global recovery technique to the MENA region.
AODD Pumps Safely Handle Specialty Chemicals A UAE company turned to air-operated double-diaphragm pumping technology to carefully and efficiently produce chemicals for the oil industry.
Flow-Accelerated Corrosion Damages Plant Systems Feedwater chemistry analysis can prevent metal loss, equipment failure and harm to personnel.
Global Clean Water Needs Drive Growth for Metering Pumps Pent-up demand in chemical and manufacturing industries will also contribute to the increase in market activity.
Submersible Pumps Offer End Users Flexible & Reliable Technology These systems can be as simple or as complex as needed to suit the specific environment or application and have the ability to be positioned below ground level without access issues.
A Different Approach to Understanding Power Factor (First of Three Parts)
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