Buffer and Barrier Fluids Choosing the right fluids and following best practices for maintenance can significantly enhance system reliability.
Pumps in Renewable Power Generation Proven concepts together with new technologies battle the energy crisis.
Pump Demand in Power Generation While global energy demand fuels source diversification, coal is still king.
Pumps in Action: Hurricane Protection Painful Katrina lessons inspire improvements that helped protect New Orleans from Hurricane Isaac.
How to Use Casing Vibration to Assess Cavitation
The Difference Between Memorization and Learning
How to Detect & Monitor Cracks in Pumps Vibration changes can indicate cracks in pump rotating components, which can cause severe malfunction and failure.
Finally Justifying Improvements
Prepare for DOE Pump Efficiency Regulations Pump manufacturers should prepare for the changes that the impending DOE pump efficiency regulations will bring, including possible design improvements.
Prepare for DOE Pump Efficiency Regulations Pump manufacturers should prepare for the changes that the impending regulations will bring, including possible design improvements.
Pump Manufacturers Should Prepare for DOE Pump Efficiency Regulation Changes These new regulations may include costly design improvements.
California Districts Adopt a Direct Preventive Maintenance Approach Inspections can identify undetected issues to prevent sanitary sewer overflows and the fines that can accompany them.
Pump Castings Using 3-D Printing Manufacturers and end users should explore their options and see if they can benefit from this technology.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: March 2014
New Technology Solves Aftermarket Parts Problems Mapping and testing ensure proper fit and function of replacement parts.
A Cross Functional Team Can Improve Sealing How does this team enhance pump and valve seal performance?
What Makes Metal Magnetic, Hard, Soft, or Corrosion or Abrasion Resistant? Understand pump metallurgy
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: February 2014
The Positive Side of Waterhammer
Solutions for Obsolete Parts A few simple steps can solve spares issues and help extend the lives of old pumps.
The Hydraulic Institute’s New Test Standard ANSI/HI 14.6 gives the pump community a globally accepted test standard 
for rotodynamic pumps.
Solution for Pump Discharge Pipe Cracking
Axial Thrust, NPIPR & Hydraulic-Coupled Tubular Diaphragm
Sliding Vane Pumps in Crude Oil Operations Sliding vane technology provides the safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness necessary to meet the fluid-handling demands within the crude oil supply chain.
Reverse Engineering: The “New Old Secret” Current technology provides upgrades to conventional methods and guidelines.
Pump Packing for Abrasive Materials A number of options are available for controlling equipment and environmental costs in demanding applications.
Thermoplastic Sump Pumps Eliminate Corrosion These pumps also minimize abrasion in sulfuric acid handling.
Pump System Design First of Two Parts
Branch-Line Pumping and Other Options
Supply Chain Survey: End Users Require Strong Technical Knowledge, Personal Attention and Short Delivery Times
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