Understand How Valves & Fittings Affect Head Loss Part one of two: This column discusses valves and fittings and evaluates how these devices affect the operation of piping systems.
Understand How Valves & Fittings Affect Head Loss
Altitude Valves Respond to Peak Water Demand In the coastal city of Salalah, Oman, the valves supply consistent service throughout the city's tourism season.
Remote Monitoring Solutions Prevent Valve Failure at Combined-Cycle Power Plants Specialized software helps end users address problems before they happen.
Flomatic Corporation
Check-All Valve Mfg. Co.
API 624 Works to Reduce Valve Fugitive Emissions Manufacturers and end users should consider how this standard will affect their business.
Updates to Industry Standards Offer New Options for Fugitive Emissions Testing End users should be aware of the latest standards revisions to employ the most up-to-date valve sealing practices.
Wedge Gate Valves Prevent Leaks in Emergency Shutdown Systems The valves, 78 and 84 inches (1.9 and 2.1 meters) in diameter, were the largest the manufacturer had ever produced.
Recirculation Valve Underperforms & Lube Oil Tank Sensor Transmits Inaccurate Levels Real-time monitoring software and trained support staff provided early warning of critical equipment issues and prevented costly faults.
Specific Pump & Valve Features Serve Liquefied Natural Gas Applications LNG benefits have increased the demand for this cleaner burning fuel and associated production and distribution equipment.
Creative Valve Solutions Adapt to South Australia Water System Drops in pressure and shifting flow rates were significant hurdles of a $403 million water project.
Manage Pressure and Improve Performance
Suction Valve Throttle Versus Vacuum
Test Submersible Wastewater Pumps & Motors Frequently to Accommodate for Changing Conditions First of Two Parts
Suction Valve Throttle Versus Vacuum Last of Two Parts
Equipment Demand Increases to Solve the US Aging Infrastructure Problem Manufacturers can provide solutions for aging water and wastewater systems.
Valve Fugitive Emission Compliance Requirements End users must be aware of the valve emission standards to meet industry requirements.
How to Size a Relief Valve
Diligence Is the Key to Safe Sealing Correctly selecting and installing the ideal component provides significant health, environmental and economic benefits.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: March 2014
A Cross Functional Team Can Improve Sealing How does this team enhance pump and valve seal performance?
Power Pump NPSHR Graphs Reveal Effects of Speed and Pumpage Density
Galvanic Corrosion Simulation of Ball Intake Valves Calculating the effect of finishes, coatings and alternative materials through simulation can optimize material selection.
Wetted Pump Parts; Foot Valve; Simplex vs. Duplex Air-Operated Pumps
Water Hammer (Part Two): Causes and Variables
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: January 2014
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: Valve Stock Index up 29.3 Percent
Fugitive Emission Compliance Requirements for Valves Minimizing the potential for leaks by applying proper design and material-selection standards is the first step in emission prevention.
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