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An article in the October 2013 issue of Pumps & Systems discussed how to minimize leaks by applying proper design and material-selection standards. This article details new codes that have been established because the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is currently updating certain standards, including ISO 15848 Parts 1 and 2.

Process industries rely on vast piping systems and connected equipment that must be sealed safely to protect their employees, profits and the environment. Safely sealing these systems can be challenging, but failure to do so can result in serious problems—including injury and death.

The Jordan, Knauff & Company (JKC) Valve Stock Index was up 10.4 percent over the last 12 months, while the broader S&P 500 Index was up 17.8 percent. The JKC Pump Stock Index was up 26.5 percent for the same time period.1

Valve and pump packing performance improvement is usually approached from a procedure or specification process. Engineering and purchasing determine the parameters for the plant and create a procedure for selecting the packing type and how it is used. At many plants, this document is not often referenced or updated.

The Jordan, Knauff & Company (JKC) Valve Stock Index increased 28.5 percent during the last 12 months, comparable to the broader S&P 500 Index, which was up 28.1 percent. The JKC Pump Stock Index was up 36.0 percent for the same time period.1

The Jordan, Knauff & Company (JKC) Valve Stock Index was up 29.3 percent during the last 12 months, above the broader S&P 500 Index which was up 23 percent. The JKC Pump Stock Index was up 37.8 percent for the same time period.

First of Two Parts Operators in refineries or chemical/petrochemical plants must keep greenhouse gas (GHG) and environmental regulations for fugitive emissions in mind. One area in which this is extremely important is the processing of oil sands in Canada.
A significant factor in the design of a pumping system is the flow variation required by the process. Several pumps in parallel, variable speed pumps, pumps with on-off control and pumps with a control valve are some of the methods available for flow variation.

Not all valves are made for every application, but some valves are best at handling the worst conditions. For this reason, a standard process valve may not function well in difficult, abrasive or harsh applications. Finding the best valve for more difficult applications may be a time-consuming and costly exercise.

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This article is part of our ongoing series on The History of Pumps.

A reciprocating power pump, as depicted in Figure 1, is a displacement machine. It has characteristics that are different than a centrifugal pump.


The legendary innovator was responsible for the design of more than 40 patented products during his seven-decade career.

During my time in New Orleans for the Siemens Automation Summit, I had the opportunity to tour Louisiana Sugar Refining, LLC (LSR) in nearby Gramercy, La. In Louisiana, sugar is a big business.

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