June 2014

Pressure Instrumentation Critical for Troubleshooting Pressure gauges are inexpensive components that can predict the causes of poor reliability in centrifugal pumps and prevent costly repairs and downtime.
New Piping Plans for Better Leak Detection
Understand O-Rings in Submersible Pump Maintenance & Repair Process Inspect compression surfaces thoroughly to help ensure leak-free repairs.
Can Pump Design Upgrades Allow Lower Flow Operation Without NPSHR Recirculation?
Test Submersible Wastewater Pumps & Motors Frequently to Accommodate for Changing Conditions Last of two parts
Determine Total Cost of Ownership When Selecting Medium-Voltage Drives Price, operating costs and reliability are key factors in any TCO calculation.
Eccentric Disc Pumps Create Product Recovery Cost Savings Targeted product recovery in hygienic manufacturing reduces waste, decreases operating costs and maximizes the use of raw materials and end products.
Industrial Drive Provides Savings for Swedish Paper Mill The pumping operation experienced an 80-percent reduction in energy use.
How to Find a Solution for Bearing Currents The best option for preventing bearing currents depends on the source of the problem.
ISA100 Is Ready for the Internet of Things Prepare wireless protocol.
Assess Pump System Operation & Improvement Options First of Two Parts
Guidelines for Progressive Cavity & Peristaltic Pump Maintenance (Last of Two Parts) These pumps require regular attention, so end users should carefully consider the design options.
The Next Generation of US Energy Efficiency Motor Regulations The updated regulations may require machine redesign and premium efficiency motors and components.
Wall Street Pump and Valve Industry Watch: June 2014
Food Industry Hygienic Pumps Provide Reliability & Maximize Productivity Many options are available to meet industry and application requirements.
June 2014
How Motors and Pumps Ensured a Snow-Covered Winter Olympics These are the details of the snowmaking machines used during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
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