Because cavitation is unavoidable in pump operations, understanding how to reduce it using NPSH calculations is necessary to maintain pump functionality and health.
Higher temperatures reduce water’s lubricating effect and stress seal faces.
Pressure gauges are inexpensive components that can predict the causes of poor reliability in centrifugal pumps and prevent costly repairs and downtime.
Pump sensors can improve system operation and detect dangerous faults.
This is the first article in a four-part series. Four part 2, click here. Second only to electric motors, centrifugal pumps are usually the simplest machines in a typical process plant. Pumps...
This four-part series explains the reasons behind repeat pump failures and uses a real-world field example involving boiler feedwater pumps.
Understanding this complex topic can help end users avoid common pitfalls.
One of the supposed advantages of centrifugal pumps when compared to positive displacement pumps is their ability to operate across a wide flow range. Because a centrifugal pump operates at the...