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Labyrinth Bearing Protection Cuts Down on Failure Risk in Extreme Conditions Oil, gas and petrochemical plants must protect bearings from contamination, moisture and overheating to keep production rates steady.
Monitoring Software Enables Scheduled Maintenance at Oil & Gas Facilities Remote monitoring allows facilities to plan maintenance effectively before defects result in downtime.
Sonar Flow Meters Enhance Well Performance in Iraq Production surveillance can extend well life when combined with artificial lift techniques.
Artificial Lift Methods Adapt to Changing Well Conditions with Compact Controllers The automated monitoring solution provides opportunities for increased production in multiple pumping configurations.
Storage Terminal Operators Choose Sliding Vane Pumps to Enhance Energy Efficiency
4 Metering Pump Upgrades That Can Improve Production
National Oil Companies Move Forward with Oil & Gas Investments
Metering Pumps Power New Fields in the Arabian Gulf National oil companies seek efficient, adaptive technology that excels in deep-water drilling.
AODD Pumps Safely Handle Specialty Chemicals Sichem turned to air-operated double-diaphragm pumping technology to carefully and efficiently produce chemicals for the oil industry.
Solar-Powered Pumps Increase Oilfield Profitability New chemical injection pumps provide enhanced solutions to optimize North American unconventional and oil sands production.
The World’s Largest Offshore Oilfields
Steady Oil & Gas Investments Drive Middle East Pump Demand
Fluid Pulse Technology Enhances Oil Production First well stimulation project introduces global recovery technique to the MENA region.
The Right Seal & Lubricant Combination Can Prevent Bearing Contamination Lip and labyrinth seals provide protection in harsh oil and gas applications.
Canned Magnetic Bearings Minimize Corrosion in Oil & Gas Processing Safely immerse motor compressors in process gas without risking costly damage.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch
Guidelines for Progressive Cavity & Peristaltic Pump Maintenance (First of Two Parts) Because these pumps require regular attention, end users should carefully consider the design options.
How to Maximize Natural Gas Vapor Recovery New regulations challenge oil and gas producers to optimize operations, and oil-free reciprocating gas compressors can help.
New $25 Million Facility to Support Gas Turbine Repair in Brazil
Active Magnetic Bearings Provide Harsh Conditions Solution A Russian oil & gas company produces a compressor station to maximize pipeline capacity.
Repairs Result in Highest Capacity Margins in Refinery's History Improvement the result of fixing a 20-year design flaw in a turbine-driven coker charge pump.
Magnetic Drive Pumps—a Critical Flow Control Solution This technology provides an accurate, leak-free flow.
Centrifugal Pump Energy Audit
Pumps for Oil & Gas Terminal Transfer
Shielding Cables on Case Grounds and Surge Protection
Disc Couplings in Oil & Gas Applications
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