Avoid System Damage When Pumping Hot Water Higher temperatures reduce water’s lubricating effect and stress seal faces.
Three Linden Comansa Tower Cranes at Cambambe Dam in Angola This dam currently supplies power to the cities of Luanda, Ndalatando, Cacuaco, Malanje, Gabela, Porto Amboim and Sumbe, benefiting a population of approximately 8 million people.
Pumps in Action: Hurricane Recovery Pump companies work quickly to clean up Sandy destruction.
How One Man Made a Difference
Grinder Pumps Deliver Value at Porto Cairo Mall A total of 68 grinder pumps (three different models) was selected for Egypt’s biggest commercial project.
People to Life – Clean Water Builds Communities
Water to People – Pump Technology Makes a Difference
100 Resilient Cities & MWH Global Partner to Improve Water/Wastewater Systems
Utilities Expand Personnel Capabilities with Managed SCADA Systems As the water and wastewater industry faces a shrinking labor source, remote monitoring can fill the experience gap.
Protect Desalination Plants from Harmful Algal Blooms Dissolved air flotation pretreatment ensures the quantity and quality of freshwater production during red tides.
Managed SCADA System Advances Water Controls at Steel Mill Cellular messages alert operators of low water levels, well pump leakages and power outages.
New VFD Enhances Treatment Efficiency & Reliability The Benton/Washington Regional Public Water Authority saved on energy costs and gave dependable service to its customers after replacement.
NSF/ANSI 61 Certified PCPs Fit Specific Water Treatment Requirements These specialized pumps assisted one company in developing a new water disinfection device for municipalities.
Solving Water Scarcity with Recovery & Reuse Programs A Texas golf course balanced water needs and environmental concerns with advanced pump controls.
Dry-Priming Pump System Improves Agricultural Water Transfer Equipment upgrades help an eastern Colorado farmer extend water rights.
Peristaltic Pumps Handle Abrasive Chemicals in Water & Wastewater Treatment Integral design features, such as the heavy-duty hose, reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency in dosing applications.
Saur Provides Clean Water Services for Pilgrims to Mecca Water management services were available to more than 3 million pilgrims in partnership with the National Water Company.
Grundfos Joins World Vision for African Clean Water Initiative More than 1,000 solar-powered pumps will be installed in sub-Saharan villages.
Global Clean Water Needs Drive Growth for Metering Pumps Pent-up demand in chemical and manufacturing industries will also contribute to the increase in market activity.
Aeration Systems Remove Excess Nutrients from Municipal Water Supplies A Kansas treatment plant expanded operations to meet federal requirements for effluent nitrogen and phosphorus levels.
How a Piping System Works
Pressure Sensor Specification for Operation in Residential, Commercial, Municipal & Irrigation Pumps Material of construction, environmental conditions and IP ratings should be considered to maintain operating efficiency.
Intelligent Water Capabilities Improve San Francisco’s Aging Infrastructure Fully integrated systems are critical for utilities when upgrading equipment and instrumentation.
Equipment Demand Increases to Solve the US Aging Infrastructure Problem Manufacturers can provide solutions for aging water and wastewater systems.
Save Money with Thermoplastic Composite Bearings in Vertical Water Pumps A northeast Germany refinery increased its MTBF by upgrading eight pumps.
Seal Water Use Conservation tools help save money, minimize maintenance and improve reliability.
WEF Urges Passage of New Water Infrastructure Financing Legislation
EPA Helps Small Water & Wastewater Systems
Grundfos Walk for Water Raises $47,000 for Treatment System in Haiti
Water Leaders Approach Congress to Elevate Infrastructure Challenge, Affordability Concerns
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