Mitigate Electrical Bearing Damage in Vertical Pump Motors A shaft grounding ring and ceramic insulation can improve motor bearing life when VFDs are used.
Reduce Thrust Bearing 
Operating Temperatures Three design techniques can lower the operating temperature of hot running, 
tilting-pad thrust bearings.
Bearing Failures
Troubleshooting Bearings: A Structured Approach
Babbit Bearing Repair for a Power Plant
Hydraulic Institute Pump FAQs March 2010
Advances in Magnetic Bearings
Proper Selection and Lubrication of Bearings
How to Prevent Electrical Erosion in Bearings
Using Synthetic Diamond to Improve Machine Performance
Benefits from Proper Lubricant Monitoring and Analysis
What Makes Bearings Run Hot?
Reliable Shock Pulse Evaluation of Anti-Friction Bearing Condition
Mechanical Carbon Machine Parts
Reliability Improvements to a High Speed/High Energy Pump
Bearing Failure and Analysis
Extending the Life of Pump Bearings
Advanced Bearing Materials for Processed Lubricated Systems
Nonmetallic Pump Bearings
Prescriptions for Proper Bearing Replacement
Graphite and Nanocrystalline Diamond Surfaced Bearings
Greene, Tweed Provides Longer Life Bearings to a Major Nuclear Power Plant
Understanding the Basics of Pump Repair
Guide Bearings Misdiagnosis
The Attraction of Magnetic Bearings
How Hot Should Anti-Friction Bearings Be Allowed to Run?
Adding a New Dimension to Predictive Maintenance
Turbine Bearing Failure
Proactive Bearing Maintenance
Pressurized Water Bearing Solves Environmental Problems
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