Wall Street Pump and Valve Industry Watch: June 2014
Suction Valve Throttle Versus Vacuum
Test Submersible Wastewater Pumps & Motors Frequently to Accommodate for Changing Conditions First of Two Parts
How Motors and Pumps Ensured a Snow-Covered Winter Olympics These are the details of the snowmaking machines used during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
Suction Valve Throttle Versus Vacuum Last of Two Parts
With Minimized Compressed Air Usage, AODDPs Provide an Energy-Efficient Solution A redesigned air-operated double diaphragm pump allows end users to reduce their energy costs.
Some Chemical Applications Require the Range of a Positive Displacement Pump Many positive displacement pumps deliver the same flow rate regardless of the static head.
Pressure Sensor Specification for Operation in Residential, Commercial, Municipal & Irrigation Pumps Material of construction, environmental conditions and IP ratings should be considered to maintain operating efficiency.
Cloud-Based Monitoring & Control Is an Alternative for Irrigation Systems With fewer technical requirements, they provide lower-cost options for underserved industries.
Smart Couplings Enhance a Failing Hot Oil Pump at a Wastewater Treatment Plant Vibration and maintenance were reduced with the installation of carefully selected equipment.
Reverse Engineering of a Vertical Pump Suction Bowl The pump was returned to service at a nuclear power plant after reverse engineering of an unavailable part and complete pump testing.
NPSHR & Booster Pumps
Intelligent Water Capabilities Improve San Francisco’s Aging Infrastructure Fully integrated systems are critical for utilities when upgrading equipment and instrumentation.
Equipment Demand Increases to Solve the US Aging Infrastructure Problem Manufacturers can provide solutions for aging water and wastewater systems.
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: May 2014
Submersible Slurry Pump Provides Solution for Petroleum Coke Sump Service With an agitator and a top-discharge design, these pumps prevent clogging and successfully handle abrasive materials.
Overcome Resistance to Program Upgrade
Wall Street Pump and Valve Industry Watch: October 2012
HI Pump FAQs: October 2012
Sealless Eccentric Pumps for Isocyanates These pumps provide the strong suction, wear compensation and product containment required when moving these dangerous chemicals.
Understanding the Impact of Velocity Head
Igor Karassik - The Pump User's Engineer
How Important Is Accounting for Velocity Head and Gauge Elevation? (Part 2 of 2)
Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch: April 2014
Repairs Result in Highest Capacity Margins in Refinery's History Improvement the result of fixing a 20-year design flaw in a turbine-driven coker charge pump.
A Financial Justification for Pump System Improvements
Successful Field Engineering Requires Structured Analysis Approach A software simulation tool and detailed engineering analysis procedure are needed for 
problem solving.
3-D Printing Industry Expects Growth While it is still a relatively new technology, the future of 3-D printing looks bright.
Aftermarket Engineered Solutions Reduce Downtime & Energy Consumption The cost of aftermarket pump upgrades are minimal compared to the cost of downtime and repairs.
HI Pump FAQs: December 2012
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