Three-Phase Voltage Variation & Unbalance (Last of Two Parts)
The Differences Between Submersible & Immersible Motors How do end users choose, and what are each type’s ideal applications?
Streamlined Motor Management System Boosts Biomass Power Generation Trusted gateway connections allow for system growth, efficiency and consistent maintenance at Swedish paper mill.
Three-Phase Voltage Variation & Unbalance (First of Two Parts)
Power Factor: Electricity Behaving Badly (Part One)
Standardized Medium-Voltage Induction Motor Tests Ensure Quality Manufacturers and operators produce, purchase and use better motors with regulated testing.
Test Submersible Wastewater Pumps & Motors Frequently to Accommodate for Changing Conditions Last of two parts
Determine Total Cost of Ownership When Selecting Medium-Voltage Drives Price, operating costs and reliability are key factors in any TCO calculation.
How to Find a Solution for Bearing Currents The best option for preventing bearing currents depends on the source of the problem.
The Next Generation of US Energy Efficiency Motor Regulations The updated regulations may require machine redesign and premium efficiency motors and components.
Determine Total Cost of Ownership When Selecting Medium-Voltage Drives Price, operating costs and reliability are key factors in any TCO calculation.
How Motors and Pumps Ensured a Snow-Covered Winter Olympics These are the details of the snowmaking machines used during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
Cooling Tower Motors Improve Reliability A VFD and a permanent magnet, direct-drive motor replace a gearbox, reduce maintenance costs and provide energy savings.
Overcome Resistance to Program Upgrade
Gain Insights by Analyzing Top-of-Motor Vibration (Part 1 of 2) Use a mathematical model that estimates vibration at the top bearing of a motor used on a vertical, wet-pit, column type pump.
Gain Insights by Analyzing Top-of-Motor Vibration (Part 2 of 2) Guidelines for reduced vibration and information on how a pump’s foundation and operating speed affect the vibration response
How Modern Industrial Drives Redefine Motor Control Ease of installation, improved algorithms, enhanced displays, onboard communication and other technology make VFDs an ideal and cost-effective solution.
Submersible Motor Design Allows for Safe Water & Wastewater Applications Operation The construction, seals and protective monitoring contribute to the motor’s ability to operate in and under water.
The Impact of AC Motor Efficiency
VFDs Eliminate the Need for PLCs and External Hardware Advanced VFD technology delivers cost and space savings by providing protective features and minimal programming.
Top-of-Motor Vibration A simple mathematical model can be used to estimate vibration at the top of the motor in a vertical pump-motor structure.
VFDs Provide Process & Speed Control in Centrifuge Operations A dewatering facility brings a centrifuge up to speed slowly, meeting the long acceleration time requirement.
Matching VFDs & Motors
How Motors Have Changed the Pump Industry
Why Wye? Why Delta? Last of Three Parts
VFDs Save Energy in Pump Applications Using variable frequency drives provides many benefits to end users.
Motor Nameplate Letter Code Designations Learn how to avoid misinterpretations.
Internal Clearance & Its Effect on Bearing Fatigue Life End users must include bearing clearance as an integral part of designing or building a pump.
Long-Term Motor Reliability A variable frequency drive’s effect on system efficiency and motor life
Electric Motor Repair & Reliability Repetitive motor failures may be caused by a lack of diagnostic or forensic repair information reported to the motor owner.
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